Saturday, March 16, 2002

Help! I dyed my 2 year old red.

I had a bug up my whatever today because the house is so disorganized - its to the point where I almost wouldn't be surprised to find a mattress on the kitchen floor. Elliot has learned the wonderful skill of relocating things in the house and has been practicing. So, the booster chair ends up in the living room, the coffee table in the kitchen, the kitchen chairs in the dining room, garbage cans stacked in the closet... and this in the approximately 30 seconds it takes me to go to the bathroom. When I take a longer 5 minute stretch to nurse Oliver, he's done things like blocked his doorway with his bed and screamed his fool head off for a rescue when he realizes he's stuck. So this morning, I set Elliot up in his highchair with some water, a funnel, a scoop, an ice cube tray, and some medicine droppers. Usually keeps him enthralled for 15 minutes so that I can go get the couch back from the porch (just kidding on that one.)

Anyway, so he's set and I'm off like a shot racing around the house with a laundry basket, collecting stuff and redistributing it to appropriate places. I look like one of those manic shoppers who's won a contest where they have 10 minutes to race through a store and everything they can carry out in that time is free. (Wasn't that an I love Lucy episode?)

Now, imagine if you will a tiny camera following each of us around the house...

Cut to kid cam: kid sees bottle of red food coloring which Mama set out for Easter eggs across the kitchen and against the wall. Ponders his good fortune.

Mama cam: Eva is retrieving videos from behind couch.

Kid cam: slipping easily out of highchair restraint, crawls over tray, across counters to bottle, obtains red bottle, returns to chair - leaving suspicious trail of wet sock prints behind on counter and restraints still buckled.

Mama cam: hearing noise, mama asks "what are you doing, kiddo?" response: "playing water." Mama retrieves child's socks from houseplant, continues.

Kid cam: opens bottle, dumps contents into tray. Proceeds to anoint head, arms, belly with fingers dipped in resulting concoction

Mama cam: retrieves Elmo-phone from cabinet to make room for videos, stuffs videos into cabinet, wishes for the 3,000th time it had a lock. . Heads past kitchen, noticing nothing suspicious, to child's room. Back out again to dining room. captures folded laundry from table and heads off to linen closet. Realizes kitchen is unusually quiet, and has sinking feeling....

kid cam: shot of mama's shocked face coming around corner. Gleeful cackles from child.

Any tips on getting the dye out?