Thursday, March 2, 2006

These nap supervision gigs are great if you can get 'em.

Actually, I mean "please wish me luck as I am home with my kid who threw up at school today."

Apparently, he sucked down a mustard packet in one gulp at lunchtime and does not share my affinity for mustard. I suspect it was on a dare from one of the older kids, but can't confirm it.

We're following my standard policy for getting sent home from school; he was sent to nap and is already asleep. Home from school sick days can't be fun, after all, or I suspect I'd get called to pick up more often. Though I don't think it is an illness, per se, he is looking kind of peaked and fell asleep really easily. I'm now working from home. Enjoying a chance to catch up on laundry, too.

Mustard photo credit by greefus groinks