Sunday, December 17, 2023

Wigilia 2023

This year the matriarch (my mom) is hosting since her house is done up so well for the holiday and I haven’t decorated this year. I’ll be bringing dishes and finishing them there and am trying to make minimal mess in her kitchen, so have mixed up the menu a bit:

My menu:

  1. Potato mushroom soup with a variety of wild mushrooms (some I harvested myself foraging earlier this year with a friend)
  2. Smoked salmon dip
  3. Shrimp cocktail with white horseradish sauce
  4. Baked brie
  5. Fresh baked bread (rye if I can find the rye flour)
  6. Brussels sprouts with balsamic and honey
  7. Cannellini beans with spinach
  8. pierogi, various kinds - potato and cheddar cheese, & potato and onion.
  9. broiled salmon with miso glaze
  10. Kutia (barley pudding, or can be made as wheat berry pudding
  11. Tropical fruit compote
  12. Dessert: Kolaczki cookies by my mom, the best cookie maker I know.