Monday, September 6, 2010

Da Mayor

I was profiled in MetroMix this summer for their series on Foursquare mayors in Indy. At the time, I was mayor of the delectable Yats on Massachusetts Avenue in the Theatre District of Indy.

How long you've been on Foursquare: Since November 13, 2009.

Occupation (when you're being mayor): Business Analyst by day. IT director for improv troupe INDYPROV by night.

photo by Greg Griffo
Side of the city you live on: the demilitarized zone on the north side of Indy next to Carmel.

Why you joined in the first place: There's points involved! I haven't been this excited since A&P grocery was handing out stamps.

How many mayorships you have and where: I hold the Mayor's title in 25 places. I am the Mayor of Clay Township. I stand ready to serve the constituents at any time they notice they have a mayor.

How many badges do you have? 21. I'd like to get the food truck one next just to balance off the gym rat badge. I think I'm most proud of the "Foursquare Day" badge because it required some research to get.

What does being "mayor" mean to you? A tiny sliver of a sense of ownership for the place. Not that I'd help take out the trash, but I will bring a friend over unannounced. Also, given a choice between two places I'll go to the one at which I'm mayor.

How have you/do you plan to maintain your mayorship? If things get dire, I may remodel the kitchen for a year or two so that I'm forced to eat out.

What do you plan to do as mayor/what are your platforms? I'd love it if the places where I'm mayor offered a perk to people who checked in while I was there (even if it weren't available to me); how awesome would it be to make it rain sushi rolls when the mayor's in the house? Or, a free shot of flavor at the Starbucks? Not such a treat for the guys waiting in the chairs at the threading shop though.

If you could be mayor of any place in this city, what would it be?
If Talbott street treated their Mayor as well as they treat their queens, that could work out. But I need to see if Clay Township needs a Mayor first before I can commit.

Bonus 4sq story: I was astonished recently to find that a McDonalds I'm mayor of that I critiqued as "creepy" was demolished for remodeling. Just a reminder - with great power comes great responsibility.