Saturday, June 18, 2011

These are a few of my favorite apps

As a working mom I rely on my iphone apps to manage my to do list and my calendar and well as to entertain me. Here's a few of the apps I would be sad to live without:

GeniusScan - converts photos to pdfs. Great for handling expense report receipts.

NPR News - great for when I'm traveling and want to find the local station. And pledge drive free!

Amazon Mobile - great for price checking to see if that sale price is really a deal. 

Find my iphone - As household tech manager I need to keep track of the enterprise assets.  I save over $175/year vs. the AT&T Family Map service by using this free app - and it allows me to send a message to the device, play a sound on it (even when it is set to silent), or wipe the memory remotely.

Dropbox - all my important docs, available anywhere I am. (Here's an invitation to dropbox for you.)

Apple remote - I usually can't find the remote but I usually know where my iphone is. It works with Apple TV only.

Google Voice - I try to protect my specific mobile number so I can control when it rings. And more importantly, control when it doesn't ring. More about Google Voice (when it was aka Grand Central) in a prior post.

1Password is an essential productivity app for managing passwords, membership programs, software licenses, serial numbers... and more, if you can think to do it. Data is encrypted and secure backups can be made also.

Foursquare is a clever game which lets you compete with your friends for points, and see tips and deals at places you visit. Some refer to it as the meta tagging system for the world, but if you aren't a geek nevermind that and just enjoy the game

Post a comment below to let me know what your favorite app is - and more importantly, why!
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