Saturday, August 7, 2010

Beauregard is lifeblogging

I set up Puppy Tweets for Beau Boy today and already he's tweeting pithy comments:
photo by Rich Burton
Beauregard:Being a dog would be a better gig if we all got paid in bacon.
I ordered the Puppy Tweets item from Amazon on April 21, then received an ominous "your approval required" message asking if I still wanted the item; the last time that happened with me was for George Martin's A Dance With Dragons as the release data keeps moving out. I approved the order again with reluctance, wondering how many times the product availability date would be pushed out. But I need not have worried; the product shipped soon and I received it today.

Setup of Puppy Tweets took about 5 minutes, not counting the search for a screwdriver to remove the battery cover. I think set up would have taken even less time had the packaging complied with Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging; I had to slice through 5 plastic closures to get the box open.

So far, the tweets are humorous but it wasn't immediately apparent how Beau's activity was related to them. Also, I'm hoping over time the available tweets will get to be more customizable. For example, one of Beau's early tweets was about wanting the TV on; but we're an anti-tv household, so it didn't make much sense. Then again, if anyone is really looking for good sense in a dog tweeting automation toy there's a bigger problem here.

Huffington Post has a dry review and Engadget ("Yep, a real product.") has a snarky review too.