Friday, January 30, 2009


Twitter is getting to be more fun, with some interesting social games such as Tweetbomb and Tweetcontest. I'm waiting for @throwsheep to show up.

But be warned: your consolation prize is a vandalized avatar. I was only 2 places away from the prize today, and all I got was a bloody eyepatch. Arrrrgh.

Congrats valerie2776! Good luck with your spoon fingers, and I hope someday you meet Edward Scissorhands.

I use a few twitter symbiotic sites to manage my twitter networking, sosumi. One I've used is, which is good but sometimes seems to miss people who part from my twitter posse and does no reporting on people who follow my tweets. Looking at the negative side of followership is such a downer. rectifies this by providing an aggregate view of adds and drops along with your tweetstream. Nifty!

thanks juliaroy for tipping me off to the service.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Update twitter with facebook status via twitterfeed

Wondering how to update twitter with facebook status? Here's the steps:
  1. Set up an account with Twitterfeed
  2. Find out your facebook page's RSS feed. Go to your facebook mini-feed and look for the "My Status" link on the page. If you have trouble finding it, go to Your facebook notifications page and copy the link from Your Notifications, which usually appears at the end of the second column.
  3. Copy the "My Status" link. Note that the link should end with "&format=rss20."
  4. Go back to Twitterfeed, and click the link to "Create New Feed." Fill out the easy form, and you're set.
Some further advice: don't irritate your twitter friends by blasting out 5 updates at a time via twitterfeed: that's the default option but I don't like it. Their interface shows: Post up to new updates each time by default, I change that to 1 for my feeds. If you want to be chattier on twitter, then change the update frequency to more frequent intervals.

Yes, you can have twitter updates posted as your facebook status too. Just log in and access the Twitter application in facebook. Check the application settings on that app and make sure the checkbox by "Publish to streams" is active.

Thanks Andy Walters and Techlifeweb for the tip on finding the facebook page RSS

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Monday, January 26, 2009

LibraryThing cover image widget

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Another clever twitter tool, Twitt(url)y provides a list of all the links a twitterer has posted along with a count of how many other twitterers have posted that link. This can be handy for parsing the twitstream of very active twitterers - you can see just their recommended links without seeing what they had for breakfast. Also, it can serve as an alternative public bookmarking tool for keeping track of your own bookmarks.

Ejly's link history on twitt(url)y

A neat aspect of their service is that by following @twitturly you can see what the top linked to urls are at any one time.

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Friday, January 23, 2009


I perform with Indyprov the 1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at Talbott Street Nightclub, and if we're not the best improv group in the country running with a concurrent drag queen cabaret dance show on the adjoining stage, we've got to be in the top 19.

On various Saturdays, I'm on stage at other venues - check out the Indyprov website for details or the Indyprov Blog for other announcements. Also Indyprov uses Google Calendar for events.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Vlad the illustrator

I came across this image recently as was really taken in by the book tree design. It is a nice interpretation of the Tree of Knowledge imagery, and very appropriate for this Eve.

So I wrote to the artist, Vlad Gerasimov, and asked for permission to use the piece on my blog with attribution. He agreed, so now I am using it on the Evagation blog about books and can show you it with my compliments for his work. Thanks, Vlad! Don't you like it?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What Obama said to me

I ran Obama's inauguration speech transcript from NPR through a tag cloud generator. Notice what doesn't appear?

created at

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The messenger is the message

I have a new blog post up at BiznologyThe messenger is the message. New Media is Now Media, and if you aren't part of it you will be defined by those who are. How is US Airways being defined since The Miracle on the Hudson?

One tool available to use to answer that question is Tweetags - it is limited at present by being time-capped to search only the past 24 hours' tweets, but I expect as  they grow they will start indexing a larger slice of time and therefore become much more useful.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snap Circuits? Oh, snap!

My 8 year old son built a radio with the snap circuits SC-300 electronics kit. He got this for Christmas and is still playing with it 3 weeks later - definitely this was the best Christmas gift for him this year. Except maybe for Guitar Hero, which wasn't for me at all.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wowzio Live Activity Feed Widget and Tag Cloud Widget

I was looking for some new widgets recently and found these from Very nice, easy to use implemnentation - but I am still looking for a related posts (automatically generated) blogger widget analogous to the Wasabi related posts Wordpress plugin.

Wowzio Widgets for this blog

thanks Dragon blogger for the tip.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Citizen Marketer

A new post of mine is up today at the Biznology Blog: Citizen Marketers: Are your fansites friends or foes? The post reviews some lessons from Citizen Marketers by Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba. Later this month, additional posts of mine will be featured. 
Are you ready for a fansite for your products or services?

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I use twitpic for photo sharing in twitter, it is super-easy and integrated with twitterrific for the iphone. I looked into the service recently, and was really impressed to find out that twitpic is run by just two people and they are transparent about it. Kudos on being open. And they are 100% correct about the VC funding - if they can't be open and forthright about what hey're doing, they wouldn't be good candidates for the VC funding process anyway.

Update: seems like the Twitpic folks were victims of their own success. Good luck getting more bandwidth guys; and thankfully they were the only victims in this situation.

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

LibraryThing tag cloud blog widget

Friday, January 9, 2009

6 things that make me happy

Carma has tagged me to do the "6 Things that Make Me Happy" meme. I guess she's got more time on her hands now that the cheeseballs are all gone.
  1. Improv theatre with Indyprov (1st and 3rd Fridays of the month at Talbott St. Theatre!)
  2. My son, who is getting to be quite interesting as he gets older and becomes himself.
  3. My son, who has a unique and refreshing perspective on everything and sees nothing as commonplace.
  4. My blog post 200 quick and easy steps to passing the PMP Exam is the top hit in google for searches on  what to bring to pmp exam
  5. I wake up most mornings with the pot of coffee already made. Geek love is grand.
  6. I feel really optimistic about 2009, in spite of dire economic predictions.  

I tag: Fido, T-town Knitiot, Poppin, The Honyocks, and anyone else who feels like answering!

Some suggestions:
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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I joined twittermoms in November and have found some interesting info on how other moms are using twitter. Recently, they introduced a new Twitter Moms Blog network too.

View my page on twitter moms

Monday, January 5, 2009

Tweetstat's twitter cloud

Following is a tweet cloud generated from . I find such a tool useful to provide for a quick glance-over review of what I am tweeting about; it helps me stay in balance. Also, if I want to get a quick view of what a Twitterer is all about, I can generate a tweet cloud to see before I follow or unfollow.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

Twitter Counter

Twitter Counter will graph your follower count over time. You can also graph someone else's. Current options include graphing for the last 3 months, the last month or the last week. Plus they have a clever little twitter counter badge for you too. (Just substitute your twitter id in place of mine in the url string to generate your own.)

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Saturday, January 3, 2009

Plaxo badge

Splicing links into your site feed

I love's feature of being able to splice in links from other services to your own site's feed. But sometimes, I don't love it so much, especially when I'm not posting as much during the holiday lull and my feed starts to show an unbalanced proportion of spliced links. But I love it that Feedburner makes it so simple to deactivate the link splicing on a moment's notice. I'm just all love this holiday season, I tell you.

Here's how to set up link splicing:
  1. Log into your feedburner account
  2. Select your feed
  3. Go to the optimize tab
  4. Select Link Splicer from the left side link list
  5. Add your delicious, Furl, Bloglines, My Web 2.0, Digg, or ma.gnolia link service user id
  6. Select Splice links frequency
  7. Click the Activate button.
Deactivate the link splicing just as easily: Click the deactivate button.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


Hello, and welcome to the annual Burton-Lyford-Menze-Lyford yearly newsletter update.

As is the case with everyone these days, we had a year of change, transition, and tradition since 2007 ended. And to make a change from the usual tradition of holiday letters, we'll forgo the introductory prattle and transition to the important stuff. Let's start the round-robin, shall we?

Eva parted ways with C.P. Morgan this year, just as the house building business imitated a Cubs playoff hope. She passed her PMP exam mid-year then landed on her feet (we hope they were hers anyway) at Delta Faucet, where she got work as a plumber. And, she's still working in project management for IT and marketing. She has certainly kept busy, blogging as Ejly at the Evagation Blog, twittering, posting at Mike Moran's Biznology site, performing with an improv comedy troupe, and fighting her iPhone addiction happy with her new iphone.

E started 3rd grade at Montessori School and is the head boy at the school this year and doesn't mind telling you about it. He's doing quite well in school; during the standardized tests, he scored in the high school level for math and science. He's reading more and has hit the modern-day childhood milestone of googling his mother and asking for an explanation. He also achieved a brown belt in tae kwan do.

O started 1st grade this year and has shown his aptitude for languages is no fluke. He tested at a junior high level in English and is keeping Eva and Richard on their toes in the words they use to describe assorted people they encounter. He's also grown like a weed, got his purple belt in tae kwon do and is now tall enough to drive go-karts at our local track. He's shown a lot of talent with this and with Guitar Hero for someone who just recently turned 7. (He'll be either incredibly successful or a 6th year baccalaureate candidate in journalism.)

Richard started the year working at Allison Transmission, which had just been sold by GM, for Global Touchpoints on a contract-to-hire with EDS. (Should we break out the org chart here?) EDS was in the process of being bought by Hewlett Packard, so with the reduction in head count, Richard soon switched to WDD, a software company in Indianapolis, writing software for Monsanto's agricultural business. So, after working hard all his life to leave the farm-and-factory town of Seymour ("The Crosroads of Southern Indiana!"), he leaves a transmission company to write software so people can sell seed to farmers. This is known as progress. And, dare we hope, job security as seeds seem to be in demand still. He is also writing humor posts for, to rave reviews and, with the frequent puns, a groan or two.

We did many things as a family this year, often involving food. (Turns out the boys like Indian food; who knew?) We went to King's Island in May; Oliver is now motivated to eat food that will help him grow so he can ride more rides. We also visited Brown County and hiked through the hills a few times. And the boys saw their first cave: Squire Boone Caverns, near Louisville. So after all the Lord of the Rings, Dungeons and Dragons, and Neverwinter Nights, the boys now know what caves are REALLY like. We went to the Indianapolis 500 qualifications and the boys ate Smoked Turkey legs and have been begging for more since. We took the gang down to Bloomington to see Bill Cosby at the IU campus, and much to O's surprise he wasn't white. We attended Spamalot and Eddie Izzard's Stripped concert sans children, just to show our good judgement and parenting acumen. They also got to go to Colts and Pacers games this year and are becoming proper sport fans. Now, however, we have a Wii so we are just staying home.

In 2008 we also started to foster dogs for the Humane Society of Indianapolis. We got our beagles, Perl and Beauregard, from HSI and we're always in danger of taking every dog home with us when we go there. It's been fun and keeps us busy, and it's a great way to help an animal who needs a break. It also lets us "test drive" other types of dogs and work on dog-training skills. We're definitely a beagle family, but adding another type of dog to the mix is never boring. The first was Hugh, a pointer mix (we think); then came Dewey, a beagle mix; Bowie, a border collie; Sophie, a dachshund; and Lunar, a bluetick coonhound. Eva and I have gotten a lot out of it, and the boys have learned a lot about human behavior by watching all the dogs interact. Beauregard and Perl like it, too; they're always excited to meet new dogs and welcome them into the pack. Just remember that Perl Is In Charge! Seeing a female beagle hip-check a coonhound, and doing so with an air of a sergeant-major with strict views on discipline, is a a sight to be seen.

We hosted a traditional Polish Christmas Eve dinner this year. This included mushroom soup, oplatik wafers and wishes, You should try it sometime; with the amount of food a Polish family puts on the table, they won't notice another person or two sneaking in to eat. It was wonderful to see all the family gathered together in one place, for one night, for each other.

Our house went on the market this autumn, in a fit of poor timing. We are looking for a new home in the Indianapolis area that will reduce commuting times and give the beagles a new set of squirrels to chase. Yes, the housing market is not healthy right now, but if you're going to buy up, now's the time to do it. Stay tuned; film at 11.

In 2009, the boys will be moving to a new school, we hope to have a new residence, foster a few more dogs-in-need, perform, write, enjoy a few more travel adventures and sports and comedy events and report continued gainful employment in rewarding careers. We hope that you too will have an excellent 2009, as we plan to do.