Monday, June 5, 2006


The first love of my life is reading. Nothing compares to it. There are activities I like better, sure, but as for solo pursuits reading is tops. Learning, exploring, expanding the mind - all of these and more have come to me by way of the written word. As a paean to literature, in forms both high and slimy, I start this blog to meander through the world of letters.

evagation - \Ev`a*ga"tion\, n. The act of wandering; excursion; a roving or rambling.

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Anonymous said...

Following is a post I made on which I thought was relevant to this early post.

I started blogging in 2006 about books as I had noticed I was having trouble finding the time to read. I thought that structuring my reading towards the definite output of reviewing it online would help me to refocus on reading, and make sure to include time for a bit of reading in every day. Somehow, that reverse psychology worked and 2+ years later, I'm a more engaged reader than ever and still blogging about it too.

Why would I go through such efforts to re-include reading in my very busy life? I believe reading is exercise for the brain, and without a good dose of literature once in a while the gray matter starts to get flabby. I love the escape to a different point of view than my own, and I find that reading helps expand my thinking horizons so that I can face everyday challenges more thoughtfully.

I'd be interested to know - why do *you* read?