Monday, October 2, 2006

New pup

We have a new beagle puppy at home, and finally found a name that fit her: Perl. She is extremely affectionate, eager to please, and gentle. We got her from the "older puppy" room at the humane society of Indianapolis. As an 8-month-old she came house-trained, leash trained, and is very people-friendly. She was picked up as a stray, although from her behavior I think she was abandoned. She recognizes a lot of basic commands like "sit" although the humane society staff says they didn't teach her these. She has a few scars from her days roaming and bays when left alone. Speaking of baying, she has the most amazing voice - it sounds like she's singing. I've only ever heard her bark once, other than the baying.

She has some hilarious facial expressions, and is all about her nose - she wuffles and snorts her way around the house. We repaired the fence, and she is taking to squirrel chasing eagerly. The squirrels look quite astonished, so far as a rodent can look astonished.

The boys are really happy to have her home, though I'm having to work with Oliver on being gentle and not hugging her too hard (especially since she still has stitches from surgery).

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