Friday, November 24, 2006

Lala widget

I was thinking recently of how well I like my librarything widget and that there should be similar widgets available for music, video, etc. I googled for something on a Lala widget and found the following courtesy of another blogger, jaXed - thanks fella. I modified it a bit, so blame me for any breaks - it works well on jaXed's site. I'll take a test run in this post before porting it to the sidebar; I'm being cautious since I just moved to Beta Blogger, also I figure discretion is the better part of valor when coding under oxygen deprivation, even when it is just HTML. I have to figure out how to slim this to a width of 80 for the sidebar, by dropping out some of the columns; just shrinking it makes it look like a sheet of microdots.

lala widget

February 22 2008 update: I was alerted by a reader that my widget (and the one I referenced by JaXed) are broken; sorry about that, they did work earlier. Here's what the lala widget used to look like. I wrote to asking for help from them - I will post here again once they answer.

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Anonymous said...

---1/27/08 I just noticed I'm getting a few hits here and the widget isn't working. I'll fix sometime soon.---