Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Did they finally take me seriously?

I just realized today that it appears my family and loved ones finally took me seriously in my regular affirmatons about the benefits of using the public library collection, the Project Gutenberg e-books, my fussing about lack of space for book storage, and angst over my ever-growing hopper of books to read at my bedside. For the first time in, probably, ever, I didn't get a book for Christmas.

Oh, they all did plenty well with gifts (Star Trek DVD collection! Woo-hee!) but I was shocked to receive not a single piece of literature. Not one. Nada.

And, as the kids said, it was still the best Christmas ever. I was home with my children and family, everyone fairly healthy, well-fed, warm and secure - I really couldn't ask for more, except hoping that everyone else enjoyed the day too. Merry Christmas, all!


Anonymous said...

So many books, so little time! LOL I seem to be the opposite of you, though, Eva. I crave ownership of books, but mainly for the patterns inside all of the beautiful knitting books out there!

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you put any books on your Christmas list if you wanted one?

Anonymous said...

Mom, don't worry! Christmas was just fine.

Anonymous said...

Next year, I'll try to find a copy of "The Red badge of Courage" as if written by The Swedish Chef. "Und hir dey go into der coombat, bork bork bork!"

- The Monk