Friday, October 10, 2008

Lunar the Coonhound available for adoption

One reason I love dogs is for their philosophy of life - no matter what happened yesterday, each day is a new day and most dogs will easily move on and put their past behind them. Lunar certainly needed all of this attitude to make it as far as he has - when we got him, he was extremely thin and weak. With some extra feedings and TLC, he has come into his own rapidly and is just the funniest ungainly hound, so eager to please you that he tries to sit up for a treat even though he falls over each time.

'Lunar' has a blog on too - check out Lunar the Coonhound's blog.

If you'd like to help Lunar find a new home, please feel free to print out and hang the Bluetick Coonhound flyer at any place pet pals gather - the vets, the dog bakery, or agreeable pet supply stores. And thanks for the help!

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Anonymous said...

Lunar was adopted to a family of three just before Thanksgiving. Hurrah!