Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mr. Tweet, the tall dark and handsome stranger

I signed up for Mr. Tweet by following @MrTweet on Wednesday night. By Sunday morning, I got my Mr. Tweet ejly report - kudos for the turnaround on a holiday weekend, Mr. Tweet!

Mr. Tweet accepts a request for a report simply by following them, and a short while later will follow you back and DM you with a detailed report suggesting people you should follow, and why. The report seems heavily tilted towards twitter celebrity on the first few pages. I skipped to the last page of the report and started working my way backwards. The report shows the profile information of various twitterers I don't currently follow, along with three additional data elements - reciprocity, updates, and followed-by. Reciprocity was a useful predictor of whether the twitterer would follow back if I followed them; I did follow 6 highly-reciprocal twitterers based on the report and will update soon as to followed back to see if Mr. Tweet's assessment of reciprocity is valid for me. Updates shows how many updates the twitterer posts per day. Followed-by shows how many people in your network follow that person already. The latter is the most interesting part of the service, in showing which friends-of-a-friend you should introduce yourself to with a follow.

One feature request I'd love to see in the future would be a way to tell Mr. Tweet which of the people you follow to use in developing their recommendations. My twittersphere includes, for example, people in Improv, people in Indiana, and marketing SMEs. If I'm trying to grow my base in one of those dimensions, it would be useful if I could have Mr. Tweet focus on that as well.

I have also sent in a request this morning to have Mr. Tweet work on a minor twitter account I set up. I'll be curious to see what that report looks like, since it is presently unassociated with any of the twitter elite. I suspect the recommendations may be more accurate. But patience is required; it will take 91 hours, Mr. Tweet just said via DM, for me to get my report on this account. That's ok; and kudos for DMing me to set my expectations.

For a more detailed review, see You Gotta Try Mr. Tweet by Mark Hopkins. And for more on twitter tools, see my post on Twitter Grader or my post on Twirvana.

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