Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Google still loves me

The past few days I've been feeling hurt by conflicting loyalties. Apple, I love you but why are you not letting Google Voice apps on the App Store?

Google showed me love with an upgrade in March to Google Voice (has it really been that short a time?) and now a small token of affection, some sparkly new contact cards featuring my Google Voice number. Perhaps I was selected because I'd been a grand central customer before, but I don't really know.

The gift was free and offered a selection of calling cards, personal cards or business cards. Registration was easy - if this is how easy is to work with generally, kudos to them.

Now I'm just waiting for an iphone app that will let me use Google Voice. Hey, is that a shiny new Android phone over there?

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Anonymous said...

My cards got mailed out today. :)

I to am thinking Android when my AT&T contract is up. Right now I've found others ways to enable a GV app on my iPhone (**COUGHja1lbreakCOUGH**). But it seems the pressure from AT&T and perhaps other company's, possible future carries, Apple will have to leave this one out of the app store.