Thursday, December 25, 2008

Wigilia menu, traditional fusion

Wigilia dinner menu - served at the rise of the first star (actually Venus in our case). Per tradition I put 12 plates of food on the table, and always set an extra place at the table for any stranger who might drop by.

We start the meal with the sharing of oplatek and wine. Oplatek are small, thin wafers of bread - basically unconsecrated communion wafers. Each guest gets a wafer and instructions to share the wafer with the other guests, and to make a wish for them and receive a wish in return.  Wishes range from the wacky "good night, good luck, and may your god go with you" to the traditional "health, wealth and happiness in the new year." Also each guest may reserve pieces of the oplatek to share with loved ones who are not at the wigilia dinner (very common for situations when servicemen and women are overseas).

My menu:
  1. potato mushroom soup with imported polish mushrooms
  2. artichoke bottoms marinated in chili flakes and balsamic vinegar
  3. watergate salad (recipe easy for kids to make)
  4. brussel sprouts baked with extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper
  5. lima beans with garlic and onion tomato sauce
  6. pierogi, various kinds - cheese, sauerkraut & mushrooms, fruit.
  7. broiled salmon
  8. mussels
  9. fruit compote
  10. baked brie with salted rye bread
  11. black olives and pickled cucumbers and beets
  12. sauteed spinach with sherry, cinnamon, raisins and pine nuts
Cookies a plenty for dessert! And a chocolate fountain! And stuffed dates!

More info on Wigilia for you is available from:

Time to go see if I can roust Santa to deliver gifts. And start up the Holiday Music. Happy Wigilia!


Richard said...

I'd post a comment on this, but I'm still too full and can't move. Arrrggggkkkkh! [COLLAPSE ON FLOOR] Pass me the artichoke hearts.

Eva's husband

Ejly said...

Hey Finland, thanks for the link! I'm glad you enjoy pierogis too.