Monday, May 11, 2009

Tech-savvy Realtors

I found my realtor, Michelle Morris on Twitter. She is also on facebook, maintains her own website in addition to the Agency page for her, and is very responsive by email. And generally an all-around great gal.

It was important to me to pick a tech savvy realtor because
  1. I am tech savvy, and didn't want to take time to train a realtor to understand my suggestions and questions relating to technology and real estate.
  2. I wanted a realtor in this economic downturn who could pull out all the stops and present the home for sale in all venues; for example, I suggested that my realtor present the house on Google Base and with 24 hours it was done. I didn't have to teach her how to do it or wait for some administrator the realtor relied upon to do it.
  3. I find that tech savvy people in general are more responsive, ready to engage and criticize and react, and I wanted that for my house sale - someone who would "list and wait" wasn't my preference. I did previously work with a realtor who was less tech savvy and it was inconvenient, and the house wasn't sold.
Check out this article by Melissa Ezarik on Bankrate for more info: Tech-savvy Agents get Results.

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