Friday, May 29, 2009

The Twitterest Spectacle in Racing

INDIANAPOLIS - MAY 27:  Davey Hamilton, driver...Image by Getty Images via Daylife
Twitter lends itself to direct-response contests. Have you considered running a tweet contest but have worried about how to get off to a good start? Vision Racing recently ran a twitter trivia contest in conjunction with the race mania for the Indianapolis 500 and they did it right.

On May 17, @VisionRacing had 1,285 followers and started a small trivia contest by asking some questions about the Indy 500 by - May 28 they had reached 1,473 followers.

And they weren't just gathering contest junkies and twitter follower system promoters. Their follower list now includes race fans, racing junkies, and speed freaks. Just the people they wanted to reach.

What did they do right? For one, their contest trivia were questions about well known racing facts - history only a race fan would know, or would care to look up. So they stayed true to their base. Next, they were generous - they gave prizes to more than just the first right answer, which generated good will and substantial chatter on twitter. Third, they timed it well - running the contest right at the peak of interest in the Indycar series, immediately before the Indianapolis 500 race.

Kudos to vision racing for running a cool twitter contest well.

And, thanks for the t-shirts and caps I won.

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