Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unintentional economic experiments

When we adopted our beagles from the Humane Society of Indianapolis, the dogs were provided with 30 days free pet insurance from Pet Care Insurance. Our first dog, Perl, was adopted under my husband's name and he opted to extend the policy for $10/mo when the time was up. Beau was adopted under my name, and frugal as I am I couldn't see the need for pet insurance so I let it expire.

Perl since then has had 2 knee surgeries and we have saved back the cost of the insurance and then some on her treatments. Beau seemed indestructible until recently, when he tried to climb a tree chasing a squirrel and splintered his dew claw down into the paw pad. After a week went by and it was getting worse, we ended up with anesthesia, extraction, and antibiotics for him. Poor guy. That's his photo with the megaphone accessory to amplify my guilt. And I've now used up all the savings I had accrued by not paying the copay for his insurance. So, I'll be enrolling him now for the program. That's Perl to the left wearing her 'I told you so' expression.

We've recommended Pet Care to all our foster dog adopters, neighbors, and to many others. Disclosure:Pet Care Insurance does offer us a $25 referral fee. While I'd be happy to spend it on dog biscuits, in fairness to those who opt to sign up for insurance via the referral you can have the $25 back for yourself - I wouldn't want you to think I recommend them just to get the referral fee. Alternatively, tell me if you'd like me to donate it to the Humane Society of Indianapolis or another animal welfare group of your choice.

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