Wednesday, September 9, 2009

reBlog from EvaLyford: Biznology Blog by Mike Moran

There's plenty of products out there that looked like dross until the community was found for them and the context provided. Who here was using a computer in the 1980s? Screen savers were trivial oddities then. By end of the decade they became personal expressions of humor, or even astute ways to guard a personal investment from dreaded Burn In, and something people shelled out cash for even though it was by definition unproductive and repetitive software. The community of home users was where screen savers went wild. Context was provided through comparison to the dreadful CRTs we abused our eyes with at work; we much preferred flying toasters to green pictures drawn with letters and numbers.EvaLyford, Biznology Blog by Mike Moran, Sep 2009

You should read the whole article.

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Damien said...

Can you dry a shirt in the microwave, sure if you let it burn. Microwaves vibrate the water molecules, it doesn't attempt to remove the moisture completely. Heat does have some affect on them, but this is minimal.

Even with the flow of air within in, it is probably about 1% as efficient as opposed to using a dryer. If you really must dry a shirt in a hurry, don't listen to the original poster.

Either get some salt and sprinkle it on the garment (Assuming it won't damage your material, I suggest a google search on topics such as "does salt damage nylon/cotton/etc)". In addition, use a hair dryer.